Pilates in Minneapolis is amazing for health. GYROTONIC A MOVEMENT ART THAT IS GREAT FOR HEALTH. Yoga is an amazing ancient study of movement. THe practice will. Bring munch benefit to the individual practice. PILATES, GYROTONIC, YOGA for health.

Our studio offers private lessons in Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and Yoga.  We offer Drop-in Group classes in Pilates and Yoga. 

Introductory Private Session: An initial intake session is required to attend any of our reformer classes and is a great way to get to know our studio and to see how Pilates and GYROTONIC® may be of benefit to you.  In this initial session,  you will fill out forms and have an opportunity to discuss needs and goals.  Your instructor will introduce you to the  fundamentals of Pilates or GYROTONIC® with some gentle movements and a postural assessment.  This first session will give us useful insights that will be used to craft a individualized plan for you. New clients will receive $100 or $50 off their first studio package of private sessions to help you get started on the path to a stronger, better you!

Studio Private Offerings:

Private Pilates Session: The best way to get started with the pilates method or deepen your current skill set.  Specialized spring resistance-based equipment and mat exercises will be utilized to help you to better understand and connect with the principles of pilates including developing core strength, flexibility, breath, control, flow and precision of movement .The  one-on-one sessions are tailored to your individual needs and goals for physical transformation.

Pilates Duet Session: Duets are two people working with one instructor and are a cost effective way to get personal, customized work out. It’s also nice to work out with a friend, colleague or partner to help keep you motivated!

GYROTONIC® Private Session:  GYROTONIC® incorporates the movement principles of swimming, gymnastic, tai chi and yoga. GYROTONIC® exercise  is supported by equipment designed around the human body to allow total freedom in movement without restriction of speed, versatility therefore enhancing coordination, strength and flexibility

Studio Pilates Classes: 

 Beginning Reformer Class 101: Small group class on equipment consisting of 3-4 individuals and one instructor. No previous pilates experience is necessary however pre-registration is required. This class will meet once a week for a 4 week session, each week will build on what was taught the previous week. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of pilates and how to apply them to benefit your individual body. Utilizing both pilates mat and the reformer you will be improving strength, flexibility, coordination and vitality. Join us and begin to experience the profound benefits of pilates!

Pilates Reformer Trio’s: Small group class on equipment consisting of three individuals and one instructor. The reformer works the whole body,  improving strength, flexibility and coordination. Providing a great full body work out!  Previous pilates experience and instructor approval required. We recommend starting with an introduction package or a 6 week beginning reformer/mat class.

SmartBones Reformer Trio: This mixed level reformer class is an osteo safe class. Build strong bones, improve balance, strength and vitality while learning to improve posture and alignment in your everyday activities! This class is limited to 3 individuals. Previous pilates experience and instructor approval required. We recommend starting with an introduction package.

Drop in Classes - all welcome!

Pilates Mat: Mixed level mat classes are appropriate for beginner to advanced. Focusing on the fundamentals:  developing core strength, proper alignment and flow of Pilate's mat exercises. Enhanced body awareness, strength  and balance will result.. Pilates mat classes are an invigorating and fun work out!

GYROKINESIS® -   Learn exercises developed by Juliu Horvath, creator of GYROTONIC®. Requiring only a stool and a mat. In this small group setting, you will learn to breath naturally and without stress.  GYROKINESIS® movements are gentle and rhythmic, combining specific breathing patterns and an awakening of the senses. You will gain improved freedom of movement and strength. Renew and strengthen your body and spirit with a GYROKINESIS® mat class!  (Special pricing $64 for 4wk session or $20 drop in)

Vinyasa Yoga - Vinyasa classes are moderately paced and accessible to beginners while offering challenging options for more experienced students. This class is designed to build strength and flexibility within a meditative flow. Students will deeply connect with their breath as they dynamically flow between poses, with many opportunities to hold and explore poses on a deeper level. There is plenty of space for levity in this well­ balanced class. Students will leave their practice feeling spacious in body and mind.

Hatha Yoga-  Hatha, meaning the "sun and the moon" refers to the balancing of our receptive and our active energies. This balance is achieved through slow-flowing movement,well-aligned postures, breath work, intentional core engagement, and meditation. Our Hatha Yoga classes are based on the classic practices and ancient practices with attention to alignment and the deeper layers of yoga.  Students will leave this class feeling a sense of peace, strength and inner stillness.

Restorative Yoga- Restorative Yoga is a series of poses in which practitioners are effortlessly and completely supported with bolsters, blankets, pillows and other props. This yoga class is designed to promote deep relaxation and provide a healing and meditative experience.  All levels of practice are welcome.

Chair Yoga-  This thoughtfully designed yoga class uses both a chair and a mat.  You will experience the benefits of gentle yoga through mindful movement that will help to increase your flexibility and balance while reducing stiffness and stress.  Join us and nourish your body and spirit through gentle exercise and breath-work.

Restorative Pilates + Gentle Mat - In this wonderful class, we will use the rollers and bands to release and stretch. If you have never tried the foam rollers you are in for a treat! We will finish the class with some gentle pilates mat exercises. Send you off into the evening feeling longer, lighter and centered!